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EXAMPLE: A 30x40 piece of art equals a total of 1,200 sq/in..

A 1,200 sq/in print on canvas coat $.18 sq/in to print for a total coat of $216

Add 2 coats of finish and the total cost is $252

PLease note that if one coat is applied we recommend you apply a second coat

after you receive it.

Note:$.01 is added to regular canvas printing for a 3" border for a gallery

wrap GW print.


Canvas printing and varnishing pricing is calculated by the square inch.

Length x Width of Piece = Total Square Inch

Total Square Inch of Piece x Square Inch Price = Cost 




EXAMPLE: 2 prints at 24x36 = a total of 1,723 sq/in, therefore it falls into the

1001 - 3000 sq/in category for a sq/in cost of $.18.

This applies if printed on the same run same day.

Fine Art paper pricing is calculated by the square inch.

Length x Width of Piece = Total Square Inch

Total Square Inch of Piece x Square Inch Price = Cost 

Put as many images as you would like on a layout or just print one image 36" plus. Printing with a 1" border is recommended for each image. If the run is printed at the same time (same day) the above discounts apply for the  total square inch discount.


ART CAPTURE by Rixx Editions:

In order to achieve the highest quality results for your work it is best to have RE do the art capture. Artwork capture (oil, acrylic or watercolor) includes one  8"x10" proof, your choice of the highest quality museum grade archival canvas or fine art paper. Please remove all artwork from frames. For canvas art it should remain on its stretcher bars.

All captures are at high resolution and include color correction and minor spotting. Additional 8"x 10" proofs are $8.00 each.

Calculate capture by multiplying the length and width of the actual image size to get total square inches then use the chart below to get cost.








FILE PREPARATION:  A one time fee of $45 per original piece of art. This fee is in addition to the art capture. Preparation includes prepping the image for printing prior to proofing... sizing, cropping (if needed), color and tonal adjustments, running our proofs prior to your proofing, achieving files.


For art capture and our proofing please allow 6 to10 working day... (this can very depending on the work load.)


Art capture files that RE creates are not released for printing Giclees elsewhere.  However RE will create low resolution images (jpgs) suitable for magazine or web advertising at artists request for a fee of $3 per image.

Art capture without RE doing the printing and the artist only wants the large capture file, a fee of $100 will be added to the above regular capture pricing based on the size of the piece plus the file setup fee. Artist will provide a flash drive or their own external hard drive for the file upload.


RE will not create any prints without artists authorization unless a licensing agreement has been reached. If for some reason artist decides to stop printing with RE, RE will destroy the files if requested in writing, otherwise RE will keep the files on storage disks for a period of no less than two months. 




RE only stretches canvases printer by RE. We do not frame but will be happy to direct you to the framer we use for our personal art.

RE offers two types of stretching. Stretching for a piece to be framed with molding and glass or gallery wrap.


Gallery wrapped canvases are intended to be hung unframed. Our gallery wrapped canvases are done on 1 3/8" wide stretcher bars in order to make them strong enough to hang unframed without warping. The entire image is shown on the front (3), sides are clear of image and ready to paint if desired (2). Staples are installed only on the back(1). Finally we attach hinges and wire to the back making them ready to hang on your wall!.


Stretching is calculated by the total linear inch of the stretcher bars used.

Length plus Width  x 2 (two sides) = Total Linear Inch

Total Linear Inch of Piece x Linear Inch Price = Cost 




When sending a file to print with RIXX EDITIONS, it should be at least 240 dpi and at the inch size of your final print. For best results you should create your project at the size you want it printed or greater. Upsampling a file after you have created it could result in poor quality image.

A 240 dpi project created at your requested print size in inches is the optimal resolution for the highest quality print.


Make sure files are tagged with Adobe RGB 1998 and save as a TIFF or .jpg format.

If you have questions about the files your are submitting feel free to contact us for guidance.


You can either bring them on a flash drive or upload them using the free website. It is safe and secure. Very easy to use. You can send large files, TIFF or .jpg.


1) Go to the wetransfer website >

Here you can set up a free account and start uploading.

2) Fill in the information in the dialogue box to the left... email to is:

email from is your email. 


3) Leave a message in the message box about your work... size of file, type of work, your name and anything else that will help us organize and review your files.


   NOTE: Make sure each file has a name and file size. eg GGBridge1 300ppi.TIFF

4) "Add your Files" at top of box, then hit "Transfer" on bottom of box. Files are on the way!

5) Send an email to and let us know you have sent the files. Please include your phone number.

Once we receive the files and the email we will contact you within 24 hours. If for some reason you do not hear from us please give us a call at 301.908.4405 during working hours (10am to 4pm M-F) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note: RE does not store files created by you, only files we capture from your art work. It is suggested you store all of your files on a separate drive maintained by you. Corrections made to your files when sent will be resent to you at you request for storage on your device. For organization purpose we recommend that you name all of your files.



EXAMPLE: A 16x20 piece of art equals a total of 320 sq/in..

A 320 sq/in print on Metallic paper coat $.23 sq/in to print for a total coat of $73.60

Calculated by square the inch.

Length x Width of Piece = Total Square Inch

Total Square Inch of Piece x Square Inch Price = Cost 


Metallic Paper
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