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ART CAPTURE (digitizing) is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in creating true fine art images. When done correctly it avoids excessive amounts of after production embellishing (painting over the image). Although the artist may wish to do this to add a personal touch, it is our experience that RE reproductions are so close to the originals that over painting only occurs when the artist wishes to create a Master Edition.


Art is captured using state of the art equipment and proprietary techniques. All art is not alike and therefore, a wide array of methods are used on each piece depending on the style. This creates the most realistic image possible.


RE's equipment and techniques are highly specialized and proprietary and have been painstakingly developed over the past 20 years. Therefore, we do not divulge information about them. RE is the leader in this field... bar none. This is our business first and foremost.


Our work speaks for itself. Galleries have put originals next to fine art reproductions and in most cases their clients had difficulty picking out the original. Our work does not look like an overblown picture, soft and blurry with excessive amounts of paint hiding the poor quality. We are the best at what we do!






Artwork by Rick D'Alessandro




Rixx Editions is committed to creating the highest quality museum grade limited edition fine art reproductions (giclee) available from original oil, acrylic and watercolor art.


We print from sizes as large as 60" wide to 70+ inches long. Allowing for a minimum of 1.5" border we can print images 57" wide by 70 + inches long. Printing prices are calculated by the square inch. These large sizes only apply to canvas prints. Fine art sizes are defined in the pricing table.


Additionally we can apply a hand finished gloss coats of an acrylic polymer to you canvas print at a cost calculated by the square inch based on the number of coats you desire.

We uses the highest quality archival aqueous inks, canvas and fine art paper media, the same quality of product used by museums. These products cannot be found on the open market. Although our inventory is limited we stock the most popular and best products. If you would prefer a specific product that is inkjet compatible let us know and we will attempt to find it at an additional cost.


Fine art reproductions if not left in direct sunlight 

will last upwards of 80 years without fading. The weight and feel of both the canvas and textured fine art media is excellent. You will notice the quality and the unbelievable realism of the fine art reproductions immediately.





Stretching is the process of tightly wrapping canvas and tacking it to wooden stretcher bars for hanging or framing. If you decide not to have RE do your stretching we recommend that you receive instructions on the process or have it professionally done.

RE offers two types of stretching. Stretching for a piece to be framed with molding and glass or gallery wrap.


Gallery wrapped canvases are intended to be hung unframed. Our gallery wrapped canvases are done on 1 3/8" wide stretcher bars in order to make them strong enough to hang unframed without warping. The entire image is shown on the front (3), sides are clear of image and ready to paint if desired (2). Staples are installed only on the back(1). Finally we attach hinges and wire to the back making them ready to hang on your wall!

Please note that if shipping is required by RE, shipping and packing costs for stretched canvases are much higher than rolled canvas. 




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Photography & Digital Art Files



Photography by Rick D'Alessandro

RIXX EDITIONS doesn't have to do all the heavy lifting!  We can print from your files... but we need to review them first so you won't be disappointed.

You can either bring them in on a flash drive or upload them using the website which is free. It is safe and secure. Very east to use. Click here to go to the page with upload instructions.

We print on a variety of substrates from digital files created by digital artists and photographers. Once we review we will contact you and discuss the options and  our recommendations.

We require one to two proofs be printed for you to approve before final printing.

There is a one time fee of $50 per image for proofing with basic adjustment that includes applying printer profiles, small color balance adjustment and light sharpening to the image.  This fee includes one  to two proofs.


If you request additional proofs and corrections an additional $25 per half hour will be applied over and above the basic fee of $50. 

Digital file from photographed artwork (oil, acrylic, watercolor) captured by other than RE will be reviewed for quality of the image before printing. Once reviewed it will be up to the client to proceed or not. In the event the file is of very poor quality RE reserves the right not to print unless the client agrees to in writhing.




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